CELRICH PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. has been started in the year 2000 with the manufacturing of Sodium Lactate / Buffered Lactic acid / Buffered Citrolact required for Food / Pharma and Cosmetic Industries. After acquiring an adequate experience in to the manufacturing of Vitamins, Mineral Premixes for Food Fortification, Dietary / Protein Supplements, Health Drinks etc. company decided to enter in the manufacturing of sugar based decorative products.

We provide the premium quality sugar based product, which is an excellent combination of sugar starch and lactose, gum Arabic , carnauba wax, etc . Our sugar based product is available in various compositions as per the needs of the users and it varies as per the bulk density of the products. We provide food items which when served being necessarily “Delicious and Aromatic” so as to take care of both taste buds and Aromatic smell. Yet another important characteristic in serving food is visual appeal and presentation which is equally important but does not receive the just able recognition. The visual appeal & presentation is achieved by appropriate use of the various food decorating items.

Food Decoration is mainly about the visual & aesthetic appeal provided to the food and various food items. Served in very simple, attractive, funny & innovative yet effective manner. The food decorative items can be used very effectively in various food items like cakes, cup cake, pastries, Ice creams, noodles, pasta, custard, pudding, Indian sweets like various Bangali sweet, halwas & many such eatables.